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Tent Manufacturing

We manufacture custom tents of any size, colour or requirement. From car ports to party tents we can build to suit. All work is done in house! If you are repeatedly renting tents for community events, trade shows, weddings etc it might be a more cost effective solution to purchase your own custom tent! Stand out from your competition, brand your tent and more. The sky is the limit!

Frame Tent

A frame tent is one with an assembled framework made of aluminum pipes that supports the fabric roof and defines the shape of the structure. The framework allows the tent to be free-standing without additional support, but requires the same rope or cable anchoring system as a pole structure to hold it in place, as specified by local fire and building codes. Frame tents are best suited for events that require no interior obstructions as the frame system makes interior supports unnecessary. Frame tents are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes.

High Peak or Traditional Pole Tent

A pole tent features a set of individual poles arranged beneath the fabric roof to support and define the shape of the structure. The fabric roof is pulled tight over the poles and attached to ropes/ratchet straps at designated spots around the edge of the tent. The ropes/ratchet straps are anchored to the ground using steel stakes that are drilled into the ground around the perimeter of the structure. Pole tents are great for wide open areas and are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes.